The Basics

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Why our boxes are food safe

Collection of Veneer

Working with a local veneer manufacturer we collect raw materials as they are graded and sorted heading into the factory meaning limited or no contact with anything other than veneer.

Sorting of Veneer

Once we get the "waste" back to our factory it is sorted into food safe and non-food safe based on its assumed species and if it has been in contact with glues or dyes.

Building a box

The process for making the perfect box is involved with key steps being heat treatment of the veneer which also reduces the risk of any contaminations being missed in sorting and also set our glues to ensure they are safe for food contact


Once our boxes are glued and given their final heat treatment they are packed off into recycled cartons ready to ship out to you. NOTE: The cartons must be kept in a cool dry place to ensure the veneer does not absorb too much moisture as this can result in surface mould